What Can You Expect In Sports Massage?

It is not necessary that sports massages are only meant for athletes and sports persons. In fact, anyone can receive sports massage, if you have any kind of pain and ache, injuries, crick neck or shoulder pain. Sports massage services in Warwick can help you even if you have any postural problems. However, if you are pregnant then sports massage may not be right for you as there are special massages provided for pregnant ladies.

sport massage

What should you wear?

It will be easy for the provider of sports massage in Warwick if you are in underwear so that she can work on each and every area of your body. However, it is up to you in what attire you feel comfortable. Usually, the therapist will be happy even if you wear leggings. In case, you need massage on your legs then you can simply take off your trouser and need not be fully naked. Usually the therapist will use blanket and cover you and only uncover those areas where she will work on.

What should you say?

You need not worry about that. In fact, by looking at your posture itself they will ask you a set of questions that you need to reply. You should not hide about any kind of pain that you have. If you have forgotten to say anything during the first session, you can say that on your next session.

Will it hurt?

They will try to keep it below the pain threshold however you may feel some pain at times. At the end of the session there may be a bit discomfort for some time, which will go away.

What to do after the massage?

Just have some drink and forget about your pain.